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Burnt Meadow Hemp is an African-American woman led, minority-owned, family business that sustainably produces premium whole hemp products in the fertile high plains of Southeastern Colorado.


We are re-imagining wellness for the modern movement toward economic and social justice and are committed to educating, empowering and uplifting women and communities of color while making great, whole hemp products.




We at BURNT MEADOW HEMP are guided by a profound respect for plants, the environment and humanity. We believe in responsibility to our customers, fair treatment of our staff and creating economic opportunity in historically disadvantaged communities. We are holistic in our approach to growing the finest, pesticide and chemical free, hemp, herbs and vegetables from which we handcraft BURNT MEADOW HEMP premium, full spectrum, whole hemp products. We pledge to do business ethically and with full transparency. We honor the land and employ sustainable cultivation techniques to minimize our impact. We execute every step in the manufacturing process with meticulous attention to safety and compliance with state and federal requirements.

As important to our mission as the environment and sourcing the highest quality ingredients is, we would not be in business without our loyal, hardworking staff and the diverse communities they come from. For that reason, we provide our staff with a living wage and educational opportunities. We recognize that knowledge is power and try wherever possible to open doors for our people. As a woman-led and minority-owned company, we feel we must do what we can to combat the systemic societal forces that have hindered people of color and the under-privileged from attaining the economic opportunity and stability that is the constitutional right of every American. 


Stinson Clay,

Chief Executive Officer and


Ryan Bushnell

President and Co-Founder

Wesley Frazier
Chief Operating Officer and


Samiya “Sam” Edwards

Chief Financial Officer

Alec Anderson

Senior Vice President, Cultivation and Sales.


Che Johnson

Senior Vice President, Marketing

We at Burnt Meadow Hemp are dedicated to creating economic and educational opportunities in the communities in which we live and work and leveraging the hemp industry to support:

  •  Economically vulnerable communities;
  •  Other minority-owned small businesses;
  •  Veterans who may need to re-acclimate while dealing with the trauma sometimes associated with  military service;
  •  People in need of an opportunity to reintegrate into society and create stability after serving sentences  from a war on drugs that disproportionately affected communities of color;
  •  Migrant farmers who contribute to the overall health of this country by the food and products they help  bring to your home and the economic value they add to our GDP; and
  •  At risk young adults who may engage in criminal activity as a symptom of poverty.

At Burnt Meadow Hemp, we are re-imagining wellness for the modern movement toward economic and social justice and are committed to educating, empowering and uplifting women and communities of color while making great, natural, hemp products.